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Patient Partner and a 2016 DFMC runner

The DFMC Partner Program is part of the heart and soul of the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge. The program was founded by Lindsay Frazier, MD, a Pediatric Oncologist at Dana-Farber and veteran DFMC runner.

The Patient Partner Program pairs DFMC runners with children currently or previously treated at Dana-Farber’s world-renowned Jimmy Fund Clinic. It gives runners the opportunity to get to know their partners and to better understand the effects cancer has on patients and their families. Patient Partners range in age from about five years old to late teens, and all of them have special stories to share.

Through the In-Memory Program, team members run in memory of young Jimmy Fund Clinic patients who are forever in our hearts. DFMC offers this poignant program as one of the most special and inspiring components of our team.

Partner Program participants and their paired runners enjoy a series of organized activities prior to Marathon Weekend. The program’s thrilling highlight comes on Marathon Monday as runners reach the Mile 25 mark in Boston and are greeted by heartfelt cheers, hugs, and high-fives to reenergize them for the remaining mile.

Everyone accepted to the DFMC roster is eligible to apply for the program! For additional information about the Partner Program, and to fill out the application, log in to your Runner HQ and click Community > Coach’s Information, or contact us.

2018 Partner Program Event Photos

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