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Fundraising Spotlight

Each season, DFMC team members achieve spectacular fundraising results to support Dana-Farber's Claudia Adams Barr Program in Innovative Basic Cancer Research and to celebrate the special people in whose honor they are participating in DFMC. The Fundraising Spotlight is where these tremendous fundraising milestones are recognized for the world to see! As teammates' accomplishments cumulate we'll applaud them here, including:

Pacesetters- team members who raise $8,000 or more - are especially critical to DFMC's success through their exceptional dedication to conquering cancer. Congratulations to our current DFMC Pacesetters!

We would also like to recognize our current Top 50 Fundraisers! THANK YOU very much for all of your hard work all season!

Fundraising Projects and Events
There are many different ways that DFMC team members reach their personal fundraising goals. Creativity rules! If you are planning to organize an event or project that uses the Dana-Farber or DFMC names/logos, please contact the DFMC office at least four weeks in advance of the event to learn more about our quick and easy approvals process!

See below for some creative fundraising events and projects. Team members, also be sure to log in to the Runner HQ and look on the Bulletin Board for additional events and projects.

Fundraising Projects: 

What: Commemorative T-Shirt Fundraiser
Runner hosting: Jeffery Anderson-Burgos
Price: $30.00
Details: Through Custom Ink, Jeffery has designed a shirt that commemorates the epic conditions  faced in running the 2018 Boston Marathon. A portion of sales goes to Jeffery's DFMC Fundraising!

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