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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the DFMC application and team selection process, fundraising, and training.


Questions about Applying

Q: How do I apply for the team and what is the selection process?
A: To be considered for the DFMC team, every interested individual (including past DFMC participants) must complete the online application. Each application is reviewed and considered individually and carefully, with special attention to the runner's personal fundraising goal and reason(s) for wanting to join the Dana-Farber team, along with the timeliness of the completed application. Applications from DFMC veterans are also evaluated on past fundraising results and demonstrated success in exceeding the basic commitment, as well as adherence to the basic commitment due date during each season of participation.

Q: Can I be on the team if I've never run a marathon?
A: Yes. Many people who apply for and are selected to join the DFMC team have never run a marathon or undergone the training needed to prepare for one. In fact, some team members have never even run a race! But everyone who joins our team has a strong, shared bond: to help Dana-Farber find cures for cancer. Dana-Farber is fortunate to receive a limited number of invitational race entries from the Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.), which organizes the annual Boston Marathon®. These invitational entries are allotted to selected DFMC applicants who are not time-qualified for the Boston Marathon. The B.A.A. does request that invitational race entrants be able to complete the marathon in six hours or less.

Q: What is the deadline for applications?
A: The application typically becomes available in September. There is no set deadline, however, DFMC typically receives hundreds of excellent applications within just a few weeks. The invitational roster and wait list both fill up quickly, and additional applicants are regretfully declined. Each applicant will receive status notification via email.

Q: I have my own entry for the Boston Marathon. May I join the team? How do I sign up?
A: Registered Boston qualifiers and other official entrants are most welcome and encouraged to join the team, as they help accelerate Dana-Farber's pace in the race against cancer! All DFMC team members must apply to join the team. Qualifiers and others with their own race entries agree to raise $4,000. All DFMC runners receive the same great team benefits!

Contact DFMC to learn more about fundraising for Dana-Farber as a registered Boston Marathon qualifier or other official race entrant.

Q: If I don't make the team or the wait list for the upcoming marathon, can I re-apply for another season?
A: Yes, you may apply once the next season's application process has started. For information on future Dana-Farber teams, please join our contact list. You may also join the DFMC volunteer crew for the current season.


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