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I can still vividly remember the fateful night in January of 2013 when cancer would impact me more personally than ever before. My in-laws invited my wife, Victoria and I, along with her sister Georgeanne and fiancé Chris over for dinner. My wife’s father, Don Lee, had been experiencing back pain for several months. It was originally attributed to arthritis, but a scan at his latest visit had revealed new information. We all sat uneasily but casually around the living room, sharing Chinese takeout, and anxiously awaiting the inevitable discussion that came with the invitation. We knew the situation would be serious, but we did not expect them to tell us that the diagnosis was stage four melanoma that had metastasized in his spine, abdomen, and brain. The doctors told my mother in law, Janet, to go home and get ready to lose him in three months.

With an unfortunate familiarity and history with cancer, and an incredible will for survival, the family was not willing to give in without a fight. My mother in law (a cancer survivor) sought out the best care, which led her immediately to Dana Farber. The plans put in place by the team of experts on this incredibly rare form of cancer gave Don two years to be with his family, as opposed to the three months he was initially given to live.

He traveled to Deerfield Beach, Florida to enjoy the condominium they had purchased as a retirement home. He danced at his daughter’s (my sister in law and a cancer survivor) wedding in May of 2013. He held our daughter Cecilia, his first grandchild, in December of 2013. He celebrated his 40th wedding anniversary with his bride in November of 2014, and that Christmas gave me his blessing to marry his daughter. In January of 2015, Don lost his battle to cancer. While we all still feel that the outcome was unfair, we were grateful for the compassion and expertise of the teams that stood beside him and armed him for that battle. There is no greater gift than more time with our loved ones, especially with the help of an empathetic and caring staff. To this day, my mother in law praises the doctors and care they received at Dana Farber throughout the process. Janet was also part of the bereavement support program through Dana Farber, and was invited to share her story, which can be found here:

All in all, Dana Farber has given my family hope. Hope that a shattering diagnosis can be improved, hope that eventually a cure can prevent other families from suffering, and hope that life can still be enjoyable after loss.

I am honored to run the 2018 Boston Marathon for Don and Janet Lee to raise funds so that Dana Farber can continue to provide the exceptional care and support that they received during those otherwise devastating times.

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